• Help us help them - A small sponsorship will support thousands of honeybees.

  • Learn about bees - Sponsors can attend semimars, webinars and more to learn about their bees.

  • Get products - As we grow this cooperative, you get all kinds of honeybee products.

  • It's a win-win - A fun and rewarding way to support our honeybee population.

Join The Cause

"What can we do to help the honeybees?"

It's a question we hear often since we started beekeeping 2 years ago. Out of trying to find an answer, the 1 million honeybee project was created.

We believe a movement like this is the way to build sustainable honeybee populations, and with your support we can make that happen!

When you become a sponsor, you don't just get products from the apiary, but you will become part of a community to help build, promote and learn about sustainable organic beekeeping.


Become a Sponsor

The first step is choosing your level. We have 4 sponsorship levels, which one is right for you?


Learn and Have Fun

Sponsors have free access to events and webinars. Also sponsors get a discount on our exciting quarterly seminars.


Get Free Products

Sponsors will also get free products from our organic apiary as we grow! Choose from propolis tinctures, bee pollen (oh yes, and honey).


Help Us Educate

Your sponsorship helps us educate and promote honeybee health and welfare to the general public.

Latest Sponsors

Jordan F.
Maureen and Andy J.
Sharon R.
Denise B and Bill C.
Rebecca B.

Tom W.
Aaron W.
Karli and Sean M.
Anita F.
Marg H.